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 The  Green Resort depicts peace and tranquility of the resort away from hustle and bustles   of city life and our  passion for environment and being Eco-Friendly in nature.   Conveniently located with easy access to Opryland Hotel and Opry Mills Mall. Green Resort is set among 87,123 Square feet of area. The hotel’s facade reflects traditional Bhutanese architecture while the spacious, stunningly furnished rooms elegantly decorated with the modern fitting assure world-class facilities to contend you with memorable and rejuvenating stay  overlook the Orpyland Hotel and SoundWaves Waterpark.


RKPO is attributed toward providing the extremely high class services to our guest with a diversified notion of ensuring them a feeling of “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”. The company aims not only on economic boost but rather in building up a good relationship with a satisfactorily services as desired. Coinciding with the government policy of maintaining peace and clean environment, RKPO, dedicates to come up with various schemes associated to environment and social activities. Captioned on WE FEELING motive, we admit our allegiance on the set motto that reads ‘LET US STRIVE TO GROW TOGETHER’.

When it comes to experience, there is no place like RKPO Resort, from exotic adventure and delicious cuisine which suits your palate, the moment are always extraordinary, the memories are always incredible. Welcome to the slice of paradise that exist on earth where there is a chill in the air and a spring in your walk. Vacation definitely has its own charm when it sets into your mind, cool pleasant, evening are here to stay and so must precious smile.

A bountiful organic vegetable garden is a mainstay of the backyard. RKPO family being concerned for our beloved guest in presenting freshest ingredient and herbs will be initiating a complete organic vegetable backyard.

RKPO green resort is located approximately 1 mile away from down town at an elevation of 1,300m (4,265ft) above sea level. Its situate at an equal elevation to temple of fertility engulfing Music Valley, which give a panoramic  view of golden rice that swings with  an autumn breeze and flows the down stream of the magnificent river. Winter hays are the dynamic view with the prayers flags fluttering over a hills of the beautiful valleys bringing the melancholy songs of early spring birds, refreshing your heart to remember the dearest one. It also portrays the charming pictorial of typical standard of Nashville livelihood where social and cultural fabrics are woven closely with the spiritual traditions which results the exotic, illusive and the magical beauty of Bhutan .

Green Resort is the most unique luxury home that you have wished so far. Our resort offers best traditional services to welcome our guest and all the facilities for your vacation dream. We also provide traditional sports like archery and khuru for a good reason, its recreation.. Moreover, it includes temptations for any interest and all the necessary amenities you can expect and more are yours to enjoy.


We present you with our unique cultural programs like Zhungdra, Boedra and Rigsar dance. Likewise, there is Chham (mask dance) and others.  A great opportunity to engage yourself in the tune of exclusive Bhutanese folk dance.  On other front we do entertain our valued guest with camp fire, bon fire and other exclusive fun and entertainment.

Best Restaurant in Nashville

The belly rules the mind. . .Discover the varieties of cuisine. Extensive family dinner, where there are a wide range of local and international cuisine for you to try out.  Breakfast, Lunch as well as dinner are served to our guests here with the traditional music background. 

Best Sports Bars in Nashville

Get yourself prepared with varieties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This is the bar garden where you can relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Starting from international to local level, we serve you with all kind of cocktails and mock tails. Music is another variety that will carry you to the rhythm of luxurious fantasy giving you immense pleasure and happiness……………!!!!!!!!!!

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