RKPO stands for “Rinchen Karma Phuntsho Om”, juxtaposed the names of husband and wife, the sole owner and founder of the “Green Resort”. The RKPO Green Resort symbolizes peace and tranquility, away from hustle and bustle, hurly and burly life of a city. The word green blends the passion for serene and tranquil environment that Bhutan cherishes and RKPO Green Resort treasures eco-friendly stay for all valued customers. The surrounding, the set up and the stay in the hotel will provide the customers nostalgia of wilderness.


The RKPO Green Resort is conveniently located between two dzongkhags (districts) namely, Punakha and Wangduephodrang. The RKPO Green Resort is built within 87,123 square feet and the campus is well secured. The resort’s facade reflects traditional Bhutanese architecture, while the spacious, stunningly furnished and elegantly decorated rooms with modern assessories, assure a world-class facility to contend the stay.


The resort provides a beautiful view of Chimi Lhakhang(Temple of fertility) of Lama Drukpa Kuenley (The Divine Mad Man). The history narrates about the Divine Mad Man subduing the demon that came to plague the area in the form of a dog. The temple is built in his honour symbolizing the victory of good over evil. The temple is now known to bless couples who are impotent. Couples far and wide, within country and foreigners come to receive the blessing. The resort is within walking distance from the temple and facilitates marriages as well. The arrangement for marriages can be catered from the resort.



RKPO green resort is located approximately 1 mile away from Lobesa town towards Punakha. The resort is located at an elevation of 1,300m (4,265ft) above sea level facing the temple of fertility (Chimi Lhakhang).



In congruence with government policy of maintaining tranquil and clean environment, RKPO green resort dedicates the buildings, designs and decorations in compliance with the natural surroundings. There is close association of architectural design with the environment. The resort strives to blend nature and the human activities in a most congenial way.




RKPO Green Resort attributes towards providing extremely high class services to the customers along with a diversified notion of ensuring everyone a feeling at “HOME, though AWAY FROM HOME”. The resort aims not only on economic boost but in building a good relationship among customers and service providers with desired satisfaction.


There is no better place than green resort for rich memories and experience that one can take. The delicious cuisine, calm and quite surrounding, the comfy beds will suit everyone’s palate.  The moments will always be extraordinary; the memories will always be incredible, the feelings will always be a slice of paradise that exists on earth. The vacation will be undeniably memorable; the experience will remain afresh long after the visit. The smiles of employees will ring in the memories of every customer.

RKPO green resort is concerned about beloved customers and presents vegetables and herbs, freshly picked from the garden. A bountiful organic vegetable garden is one of the mainstay of the resort’s backyard where one can experience gardening as well.

The mesmerizing valley of Sopsokha and Yewakha village provides a panoramic view of golden paddy in autumn, lush green fields in summer with magnificient Punatshangchhu as background. The winter hay stacks in the valley and fluttering prayer flags at the far flung mountain gives the viewers a dynamic scene. The Yewakha village in the valley portrays the charming picture of typical Bhutanese houses where social and cultural fabrics are well inter woven with spiritual beliefs and traditions depicting exotic, illusive and the magical beauty of Bhutan.


Additional facilities


  1. Rain water harvesting.

RKPO Green Resort has provisions to harvest rain water which is then used for different purposes such as irrigating vegetable and flower gardens and hotel utility.

  1. Organic Garden.

A backyard organic kitchen garden has herbs and various vegetables grown to meet the daily demands of fresh produce for the guests to enjoy. Since most of the people cherish gardening, the resort provides gardening experience to the interested customers.

  1. Flowers and plants.

Besides maintaining clean surrounding there is a good collection of both exotic and indigenous flowering plants. Fruit trees around the premises help meet the daily demands of fresh organic fruits.

  1. Environmental friendly surrounding.

RKPO Green Resort has green buildings and roofs to blend in with nature. Green makes it more environmental friendly by minimizing the reflection thereby reducing the depletion of ozone layer.


  1. Proper deposal of wastes.

RKPO green resort has separate waste bins to segregate the degradable and non-degradable wastes and accordingly recycle for some other usage.

  1. Bio gas.

There is a provision of extracting bio gas from human waste.

  1. Solar energy.

RKPO Green Resort is looking forward to harness solar energy for backup lighting and heating water during power blackout.



Vacancy Announcement

RKPO Green Resort is pleased to announce following vacancies under various post. Therefore, interested candidates may submit their applications along with the following documents to HRO (17635353/02-376233).

  1. Marketing Officer - 1 (Male/female)
  2. House Keeping Supervisor -1 (male/Female)
  3. House Keeping Staff - 2 (Female)
  4. FNB - 2 (1-Male/1-female)
  5. Front Desk Supervisor – 1 (male/female)
  6. Cook – 1 (male/female)

Interested candidates may apply with the following documents latest by 31st Of May 2016;-

  1. Copy of Citizenship Identity Card
  2. Copy of Academic Transcripts
  3. Valid Security Clearance Certificates (apply online)
  4. NOC from present agency, if already employed
  5. Any other relevant documents if any

What our Guest Says?

To all staff in your new hotel, what a lovely experience, we had with you in the new hotel. The staff were so friendly and exceptional in all aspects of service. The room we shared, was remarkably,clean,comfortable and very well furnished,thank-you!

Our evening meal, was delouses and we thoroughly enjoyed the seafood and Prawn curry,the fresh vegetable dishes and the Australian sauvignon blanc.

wishing you all every success in your new business venture.I am a restaurateur and realize the difficulties we all face ,you have succeeded in a good establishment and it is a credit to you all!! Thank you and Good Luck..

Jacai Pestane XXY,